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Features and Reviews



“What do I think of Lisa Thorson? Sheila Jordan has a legacy.”
Lazaro Vega, Blue Lake Public Radio


“Always lyrical, never atonal (well, almost never) she creates mystery, flirtation, heartbreak, celebration—the gamut of emotions often without using any words at all.”
Chuck Graham, Tucson Citizen


“Thorson has a pliant, flexible, pretty voice with a child’s fascination for the world, and displays the ultimate scatability. It allows her to do most anything…she demonstrates a witty way of interpreting standards, offers a few high art originals, and allows listeners to hear her bold conception of what a modern jazz singer in full bloom can be.”
Michael G. Nastos, AllMusicGuide


“Blessed with a voice that drips pure honey and a fine sense of phrasing, Lisa Thorson reveals herself to be a songstress of uncommon heart and feeling.”
Willard Jenkins